The Access SF crew celebrated National Fitness Day this month by taking on a bootcamp class together as a way to challenge ourselves outside of work –  especially since keeping a healthy work-life balance is so important in the PR world.

The Barry’s Bootcamp fitness studio recently opened near our San Francisco office. For those not familiar with Barry’s, the class is an exciting combination of running on the treadmill and lifting weights on the floor. Nine of us faced the challenge, most for the very first time to see what all of the hype was about.
Some of the group was skeptical and had heard that the class was insanely difficult. We all were excited to try something new as a group.

“It was awesome to hang out with my coworkers outside of work and try something new. I definitely wouldn’t have been brave enough to give Barry’s a try without the encouragement and support of my colleagues.” – Katie Sells, Senior Account Executive

“The class was hard but worth it. I would never push myself to run that much on my own.” – Tara Holiday, Assistant Account Executive

“It was fun to do such an intense and challenging workout with my coworkers! I’m more of a yoga gal but it was still a great class.” – Carolyn Linck, Account Supervisor

While some of us enjoyed the class more than others, we all agreed it was a great way to distract ourselves from the pressures of the PR world and focus on our fitness. We all left sweaty and endorphin- filled, ready to take on the next work day!