In honor of Valentine’s Day, the bi-coastal Access Emanate Cares team wanted to join forces across the San Francisco and New York offices to spread the love to those in need. We partnered with Cards for Hospitalized Kids, a charitable organization that spreads hope and joy to kids across America in hospitals. The organization works with hospitals across all 50 states to send children cards around various holidays and has sent more than 100,000 cards to date.

We thought it’d be a great idea to get the San Francisco and New York offices together to both create cards for these deserving kids. Not only would we be giving back to a really important organization that is helping do something small to brighten kids’ days, but we’d get to have some fun and put our creativity to good use.

In SF, a group gathered in a conference room and channeled their inner artists to create some really adorable cards toward the end of a work day. With glitter glue, construction paper and some heart stickers, the team was able to create a bunch of valentines with sweet messages inside. We also learned that crafting is quite a stress reliever. Everyone enjoyed taking a brief break from their desks to use their creative spirits for something good.

The following week, the NYC office, armed with glitter, plenty of heart stickers and doilies, penned Valentine’s Day cards for dozens of children to be distributed in hospitals around the country. Inside, encouraging messages included phrases like “Keep it up!” and “We’re so proud of you!”

Across both offices, we created more than 100 cards to be distributed to kids who are looking for an extra smile this Valentine’s Day. We hope our messages of love made their day a bit brighter!