As summer starts to heat up, the Social Media Working Group’s resident foodies have been keeping a close eye on all of the food & booze news you may have missed. From teen health to new rum trends, here’s the latest on what’s been going on during the last week:

Studies Show Obese Teens are at Risk for Heart Damage and Diabetes

Teen obesity was a hot topic this week in the world of health & nutrition. According to a recent study where researchers examined the heart structure and function of 97 adolescents (none of whom had symptoms of heart disease), obese adolescents were found to have damaged hearts with thicker walls and impaired heart function. Further research will need to be done to determine whether or not losing weight can reverse the heart damage, but these results certainly show the importance of educating teens on healthy eating and fitness.

In addition to heart disease, American adolescents also need to worry more about diabetes. A study published by Pediatrics showed that nearly one in four American adolescents may be on the verge of developing Type 2 diabetes or could already be diabetic. This is especially startling given that recent findings show that the disease progresses more quickly in children than in adults and is more difficult to treat. Interestingly enough, while diabetes rates increase, teenage obesity and overweight rates have leveled off in recent years. While experts can’t entirely explain this, they suspect it may have taken time for the disease to catch up with teens that were overweight or inactive as children, further suggesting that youth need to make exercise a priority.

Research Shows that Going Organic Can Make You Judgmental

Studies show that turning to those organic beans can turn you into a judgmental being. A recent Journal of Social Psychological and Personality study examined the reactions of participants to specific scenarios after being exposed to pictures of organic, unhealthy “comfort” and healthy non-organic foods. Participants who were shown organic foods and then asked to judge fictional scenarios and tell researchers how much time they would give up to help a stranger were most judgmental and volunteered the least amount of time. Researchers involved in the study attribute this reaction to the fact that the organic group gave themselves permission to act less ethically after making the “good” organic choice earlier on – a theory known as moral licensing.

Manhattan Cocktail Classic Brings New Spirits and Flavors to the Market

The annual Manhattan Cocktail Classic, a smaller version of Tales of the Cocktail, took place last week. A few key trends to keep an eye on include rhum agricole, a new rum with fresh cane juice with an earthy-salty flavor, spicy cocktails that play off of both sweet and heat, and bitters being used as both a food and cocktail ingredient. We predict even bigger and bolder flavors at the next show!

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Courtney Cervantes, Danielle Wolfe and Meghan Kelleher

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