Last week, Access completed Case Study Palooza which is our annual case study competition that challenges and tests our team to present the best work they have done over the past year. In the seven years that I’ve worked at Access, it seems the bar is raised each year on the quality of the team presentations—and this year was no exception. Case Study Palooza, or CSP as we call it, defines our Access culture and professional development.

Whether the case study was about finding a way to tell a clever story about a product launch, highlight a big event, or showcase a thought leadership program each presentation was an opportunity for collaboration, strategic thinking and a bit of showmanship. The teams write, practice and present their case study in front of the agency’s senior leadership.  The format is a 20 minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of Q&A and each case study is scored by the judging panel based on content, thinking, creativity, presentation skills and team chemistry.

Case Study Palooza gives our staff an opportunity to shine in front of senior leadership and their peers and deliver sparkle moments that highlight the best work we’ve done for our clients, and the best work we’ve done as professionals.

The 2K Games team gets prepped for their CSP presentation on how to crack the late night code

This year we had a record amount of well deserved awards including four teams taking home the top prize and splitting cash awards and claiming bragging rights. We also had twenty honorees for a range of “made for PR” standout performances. We had two “Rookies of the Year” winners who presented like a seasoned pros, and “Great Leadership” for the team leader who helped his team shine. In one instance a gutsy fake phone call in the middle of a presentation earned the presenter the “Big Conjones” award.  Additionally, we recognized the best opening “You Had Me at Hello” and the best salesmanship with “He Could Sell Ice to an Eskimo” (in this case the winner was actually from Alaska). Finally, every year we recognize the “Best Fake-Out Performance” for the person who didn’t work on the account but fooled the judges with the thoroughness of their insights.

CSP gave everyone a sparkle moment. Whether it was their first or seventh time presenting, they were part of a team that made it to the finish line together and they can stand tall with the accomplishment that with this activity behind them, they should feel confident Access knows what an asset that have become at our agency.

Danielle Ferris, Account Director