It’s starting to get colder, the trees are bare and holiday lights have starting to twinkle. What could be more perfect than hunkering down inside with a warm drink and reading through some of the top social stories from this week:

  • Ever wonder what exactly people look at when they visit your social profiles? Thanks to EyeTrackShop, a startup that runs eye-tracking studies for advertisers, we now know!
  • Living Social has been supersized. This week’s holiday deal offers users a booklet of five Big Mac vouchers from MacDonald’s, along with five large fries. MacDonald’s is claiming that this deal is the largest daily deal running with a fast-food chain.
  • Twitter has finally opened up its self-serve ad program to more than just a handful of companies with access to a credit card. Although still treading lightly, Twitter will be providing the option of Promoted Products to more and more companies and small businesses in the coming weeks.
  • Not sure how to successfully integrate social channels to promote your event? Social Media Examiner outlines 15 ways social media can help promote events and empower attendees to share.
  • Google’s Chrome Web browser has moved to the number two spot in the market, only three years after it launched. Chrome is behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which still holds the number one spot, but has taken market share over Mozilla’s Firefox.
  • YouTube launched a new interface this week that makes navigating much easier, showcases popular channels and trending videos and recommends new videos to users in a clear concise way.