They’re invaluable to what we do and how efficiently we can do it. We’re proud to have a new crew of employees at Access and we’d love for you to get to know them.

Here’s a quick Q&A with Kathleen (Katie) Drain, a senior account executive based in San Francisco.

Where are you from and how did you hear of Access?

I’m originally from Cleveland, OH and have lived in New York and San Diego with short stints in Vancouver and Barcelona during my college years.  I originally heard of Access from a friend who had a similar career path as me. We worked at the same agency in San Diego and she also worked at Access. However, our timing was such that we were never in the same place at the same time, unfortunately.

Your role at Access includes…

I focus on consumer accounts including LUNA, California Closets and Safeway’s SimpleNutrition program.  I have my hands in nearly all elements of these programs from strategy to client service to pitching to managing the team.  More importantly, I know where the secret stash of LUNA bars is located.

When you’re not working at Access, you…

I start almost every day at yoga.  Given that I’m relatively new to San Francisco, I love exploring new restaurants and sites in or near the city.  I plan to start sailing in the bay this spring.  When I’m not at work or out, I am entertaining at home, catching up on Netflix, or playing phone tag with one of my four siblings, all of which live in different cities across the country.

The best part about working at Access so far is…

The best part about working at Access is the support the account teams receive from the admin, research and production staff. These behind-the-scenes players are experts in their field and not only make our day-to-day easier, but they raise the quality of work we provide to clients.

And your most prized celebrity sighting is…

Gisele Bündchen. I saw her at several fashion week parties when I was an intern at 7th on Sixth/CFDA.  She is as stunning in person as you’d imagine.

What’s your (Musical) poison?

On my iPod you can find anything from folk/rock (Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams) to Alternative (Radiohead) to hip hop and top 40 (Kanye West).  I make sure to keep top 40 in the mix to remind me not to take life too seriously.

If you could pick one reporter to live a day in the life of, who would be and why?

I’m torn between the two categories I represent – food and home products. I’d love to live a day in the life of a top nutritionist like Cynthia Sass, Joy Bauer or Keri Glassman, because I’m passionate about healthy foods and food trends.  However, I’d be just as happy being on the inside of a shelter pub like Elle Décor and work with (or in) fabulous homes.

What career accomplishment do you wish to achieve in the future?

I wish to continue to grow professionally at Access PR. There are a lot of women here that I look up to personally and professionally and serve as great mentors on a daily basis.  I also would like to be a key player in continuing to grow the consumer side of the agency’s business.