Amidst the flowers, chocolates and gifts we took the time to give some love to you, our readers, in the form of the latest and greatest in social, internet, and tech news. Shout outs to some of the most loved stories go to:

  • Facebook continues to upgrade its platform, as it rolled out its new photo viewing functionality earlier this week. SocialMediaToday provides some great commentary as to why the new photo viewer is a big deal for marketers.
  • This week, one of the most entertaining moments on TV was also one of the most enlightening for our future with artificial intelligence. IBM’s Watson competed against two former champs on a three-part series of Jeopardy for the winning prize of $1 million. IBM vowed, if Watson won, all the money would go to charity, adding a philanthropic angle to the already impressive computing capabilities that had been developed. So was Sarah Conner right about Skynet?
  • Social media guru Brian Solis notes that not only did Super Bowl XLV create the biggest Twitter stir, but generated some significant brand buzz in 2011 Twitter Brand Bowl. Doritos and Coca-Cola top lists as the only two brands to make the Top 10 two years running.
  • Artificial intelligence is spreading from just a humanoid computer on Jeopardy to real life elements, like traffic lights. According to Fox News, Marysville, Calif. is the first US city to test ‘smart’ traffic lights, designed to prevent traffic accidents with predictive software.
  • MTV is partnering up with startup IntoNow, a TV tagging app, in a Jersey Shore themed contest. Viewers are encouraged to use the app to tag six premiere airings of the current season in an attempt to win tickets to the premiere party of Jersey Shore: Season 4.
  • While there is now little mystery as to what is in the beef at Taco Bell restaurants, there is some mystery as to the methods that taco bell was able to use to deflect most of the negative press away from its digital channels. Traditionally,  the “no comment” strategy has been the standard for many large brands in times of crisis, but Taco Bell found that being proactive in social media messaging is the key to dispelling attacks on brand reputation.

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