With Thanksgiving one week away, the Access team has been reading and dissecting the top news circulating in the social and digital realm.

This week, studies and surveys on the digital scene, including insight into who will benefit from tablets, in addition to new announcements from social giant Twitter piqued our fancy. Read on to see what we found most interesting this week:

  • PC Makers vs. Phone companies: The Wall Street Journal discussed whether phone companies or PC makers will benefit most from tablet sales based on a study from Oppenheimer. Within the study, Oppenheimer believes that PC makers will ultimately have the advantage given existing distribution channels and broad retail footprints.
  • Twitter Launches Analytics Services: Set to launch a new service to track popularity, retweets, replies and faves per each tweet, Twitter will offer this measurement tool for free. Mashable’s CEO has a great take on whether Twitter is throwing away money or making a great business decision. What do you think?
  • Travelers Go Social to “Call Home”: A new survey by Sheraton Hotels and StudyLogic LLC found that 60 percent of polled participants use social media to give status updates on their whereabouts when traveling. Of particular note for travel and hospitality companies: 76 percent of 25-34 year olds are planning their trips on such networks.
  • On Thursday, Disney announced a partnership with popular geolocation service Gowalla. Consumers visiting the popular vacation destinations will now be able to share places they visit via Gowalla with pass port stamps in its resorts.
  • Adding to its myriad of recent announcements and platform upgrades, Facebook unveiled plans for its new messaging platform, which they are calling “the next generation of messaging.” Facebook stressed that while they will now be offering all users an @facebook.com email address, their new platform is more about messaging versus just e-mail.

Any stories you read this week that you thought were interesting? Let us know!

-Social Media Working Group