There are two schools of thought when it comes to the impact of the rise of self-publishing tools on the advertising, PR and marketing disciplines. On one hand, such tools have created an ever-increasing number of outlets through which messages and information can be spread. On the other, the democratization of information sharing heightens the challenge for a brand to break through the noise and have an impact.

So, what’s a marketer to do?

At Access we believe influence is the new currency online. We’re not alone in this thinking (just ask Fast Company), but we believe our approach to determining who has real influence online truly sets us apart.

Much of the Web’s initial thinking about “influence” was born out of metrics used to measure print or broadcast media. Circulation and viewership led to online metrics such as pageviews and unique visitors per month (UVPM).

A host of companies have developed their own ranking systems—Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Page Rank, Technorati and many others. While useful in their own right, these tools, individually, offer a limited view at best. In the same way you would never judge a recipe based on one or two ingredients, but rather would put them all together and examine the final product–the same must apply to online influence.

We’ve created a unique ranking tool, ABIE, that determines online influence based not only on data from the top ‘ranking’ services out there, but also on factors such as audience engagement levels and the frequency original content is shared across the social Web. The latter two factors are key given the nature of the Web today, where interacting (commenting, liking, Digging) with content and/or sharing it with your friends and followers can be done with a single mouse click.

As you can see in the infographic below, we’ve used ABIE to highlight the most influential female voices on the web just in time for the annual BlogHer conference.

ABIE Most Influential Women Infographic
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If you are interested in learning more, get in touch or hit us up in the comments!

–Trevor Jonas

Director of Social Media



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